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Costa Rica Lots For Sale - Land For Sale in Costa Rica - Luxury Residential


Valle del Sol - Residential

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The highest quality of life in natural surroundings

In the midst of green areas with spectacular panaramic views of the mountains and a nature preserve, Parque Valle del Sol has more that 475 lots located around an 18 holes championship golf course and offers a wide variety of services for recreation for the whole family in the practice of outdoor sports.

Just a few minutes from the center of San Jose and with all services within your reach, Parque Valle del Sol is located in the valley of Santa Ana, the zone with the highest value and growth in the country. The style and quality of life offered at the Residential in community in conjunction with its other attributes, make the purchase of land to build a house an excellent investment.

Such a place exists.

Your permanent home

• Location and exceptional weather.
• Wide boulevards , streets and green areas.
• Variety of land with views of the golf course, forests and
• Land plans from 600 to more than 2.000 m².
• Regulations of residential construction.
• Low density and purely residential land use.
• Maximum building coverage to 50% of the land.
• Well with a half a million gallon tank with full capacity to
meet the demand for drinking water for the residences.
• Wastewater treatment facility.
• Community administered by the Owners Association.
• Garbage collection system and recycling program.
• 24 hour security internal policing and CCTV system
with a permanent monitor.
• A perimeter Wall which is bordered by two natural
canyons formed by the Uruca and Virilla rivers.

Having golf at your feet is beyond compare

• 18 holes championship golf course.
• Driving range and putting green.
• 8 tennis courts in the open air and 2 with lights under
• Golf and tennis Academies.
• Golf and tennis stores.
• Cafeteria.
• Golf Club under development.
• Play Grounds.


Parque Valle del Sol is divided into zones known as:

• Boulevard del Sol, the first stage with large and
beautiful boulevards.
• Altos del Sol, with the most modern electrical
infrastructure, telephone and television underground
cable. The only zone in the residential community with
lots of 600m and larger.
• Puesta del Sol, the best zone to appreciate the
sunsets, it skirts the canyon formed by the Virilla river.
• Bosques del Sol, abundant natural area adjacent to
the Uruca river canyon.
• Reserva Especial, priveleged area located within the
golf course.
• Vistas del Sol, zone with incredible views of the
• Altos del Golf, the new stage at Parque Valle del Sol,
is an Eco-Cluster inserted in Parque Valle del Sol.

In addition to developing the 45 new residential lots in Altos del Golf, Habitasul is projected to develop an exclusive club within the golf course, condominium apartments adjacent to the club and a hotel opposite the main entrance.

Low density

The total area of the residential and golf community is 137 hectares, which under the Regulatory plan of the city of Santa Ana is one of the zones with the lowest density in the area. Parque Valle del Sol consists of residential lots and Altos de Golf that in total occupy on 32 % of the total area of the park which translates into a very low population density enabling its residents to enjoy the many green zones. In addition the recreation areas like the golf course and tennis courts are located in a wooded area of 61 hectares. Thanks to the Construction rules for the residences the amount of construction on each residential lot is only 50% which guarantees that each constructed house will have large gardens, resulting in the fact that only 15% of the total area of the park will have building on it.

Guaranteed property values

The more than 290 families that have purchased a lot or have built a home in Parque Valle del Sol are the true receivers of all these benefits of the appreciation in value in their homes that have been purchased over the last few years. The appreciation in value in dollars that has occurred in Parque Valle del Sol is extraordinary and is characteristic of very few residential communities in the world, where they have combined quality ingredients together with the expertise of a real estate group. From the beginning, the prices in dollars per square meter of the lots sold has appreciated by 635%, equivalent to a financial application in dollars with a compound rate exceeding 14%, an excellent indicator that demonstrates irrefutably that to invest in an tangible asset, like a lot in Parque Valle del Sol, is the best decision and financial return that a family can realize in a lifetime.

We invite you to also enjoy these privileges and make this year at Parque Valle del Sol your permanent home in the central valley.

Consult our offices for land for sale. We have spectacular lots available adjacent to the golf course and other unique ones in different residential zones, with areas from 600 to 3000 sq meters.



A place where you are awakened by the sounds of the many birds, fill your lungs with the fresh natural aroma and still arrive at work early.

Just 13 km west of San Jose in Pozos de Santa Ana, from Bank HSBC at the Radial at Santa Ana to San Antonio de Belen, 1.700 m to the west.

Master Plan
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Nearby Services

Located west of the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose, Parque Valle del Sol is located in the canton of Santa Ana in the Pozos Lindora district, the fastest growing residential and commercial zone in the country.

Today the inhabitants of Parque Valle del Sol enjoy nearby, the best schools, business centers and malls, restaurants and entertainment centers, in addition to being only 15 minutes from the international airport, Juan Santamaría.

Business Centers
Shopping Center
Medical Centers
Service stations
Auto repair

Nearby you will find:

-International, Juan Santamaría, in Alajuela.
-National, Tobias Bolaños, in Pavas.

-Real Intercontinental ***** in Guachipelín.
-Costa Rica Marriott ***** in La Ribera de Belén.
-Hotel Indigo **** in Santa Ana.
-Marriott Courtyard **** in Guachipelín.
-Quality Hotel **** in Santa Ana.

Business Centers
-Forum I y II in Santa Ana.
-Plaza Roble in Guachipelín.

Shopping Centers
-Momentum Lindora.
-Vistana east and west.
-Via Lindora.
-Plaza Itzcazú.

Medical Centers
-Hospital Cima, San Rafael Escazú.

-Panamericana in Santa Ana.
-St-Jude in Santa Ana.
-Blue Valley in Guachipelín.

Automercado Santa Ana.
Mas x Menos Santa Ana.

and much more…


Environmental Commitment

Teaching your children to care for and to respect all living beings that inhabit this beautiful place is easier when you practice it every day.

Green Planned Community, live in harmony with the Environment

Because more and more families are aware of the importance of protecting the natural resources environment and that they chose a sustainable community as their destination to live, Parque Valle del Sol its' theme being “A Green Planned Community”, which is characterized by its exemplary environmental practices, like the management of its golf course and residential community.

The results of these efforts are distinguished environmental certificates obtained over many years. Audubon International awarded the golf course as a wildlife sanctuary and also the Blue Ecological Flag flies over the main entrance of the residential and golf community. Our Golf Superintendant has been recognized with the Environmental Leaders in Golf Award given by the American Association of Golf Course Superintendents and Golf Digest magazine.

Winning the first edition of the Rene Frank prize which was awarded by the Costa Rican Chamber of Real Estate brokers as the Best Residential Development and certificates for the Best Golf Development in Costa Rica with 5 stars by the Americas Property Awards, a competition organized by television chain CNBC and the newspaper “The New York Times” confirms that Habitasul bet correctly on the conservation of natural areas and the protection of exhaustible resources, being a legacy of great value for future generations.

Wildlife Sanctuary

Every year you see more natural areas affected by residential communities and commercial centers that have been developed in the same zone, causing native wildlife to move outside its natural habitat. However, Valle del Sol Golf Course has developed a concept to create natural refuges all around the course in order to help preserve the wildlife. Following this environmental perspective, 15 vast lakes were designed within the golf course creating various natural sites which over time have made new and diverse habitats that favor the growth of a variety of wildlife.

Since the beginning of our operation, we have been aware of the importance of the environment and have adopted various strategies and modern practices, which have significantly reduced the impact in the maintenance of the golf course. Various organizations, like Audubon International, USGA and GCSAA, have given us their support and the guidance necessary to ensure a safe environmental management in the everyday operation of the golf course. The main guidelines are divided into 6 categories:

• Environmental Planning.
• Wildlife Habitats.
• Applications reduction and security in the handling of
• Water Conservation.
• Water Quality.
• Education and outreach program to external

Flora and fauna

“Also living in peace and harmony in this community are numerous species of birds and butterflies that are attracted by the various flowers found on our land, in an environment ideal for growth”.

The residential development has lots of green zones decorated with semi tropical vegetation where you can observe large quantities of multicolored summer flowers, beds of poppies, Indian laurel and crocus and other native species. The most visual attractions upon entering the residential community are the central islands of the boulevards with rows of towering royal palms more than the 15 meters high.

The National Biodiversity Institute certified the existence of 93 types of trees within the golf course which exist thanks to the natural regeneration process. There also are 12 types of precious woods that are actually threatened due to their overexploitation, loss of habitat and illegal logging, as Ron Ron, Cocobolo, Cristobal, Mahagony, Guayacan, Ceiba, Tempisque, Almond and Cedar among others.

The Bird Club of Costa Rica (BBCR) has spotted more than 50 species of birds that live here and have been observed in the nature that surrounds the golf course. The month of November is when the great majority of bird migration occurs. The birds usually rest on the shores of the lakes on their voyage north to south in search of warmer climes.  Also, many other species have chosen to establish the golf course as their permanent home like the many families of wild ducks that swim in the lakes.

Our Land

Now you do not have to dream: This place exists.


Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country located in Central America. It is bordered by Nicaragua in the north and Panama to the east. We are surrounded by water, the Caribbean Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean in the west. Its capital, a political and economic center, is San Jose and the official language is Spanish.

Costa Rica is one of the most stable democracies in Latin America, because of all the years it has maintained good political stability. It won worldwide recognition for having been the first country to abolish the army on the 1st of December in the year 1948. Its index of human development is one of the best in Latin America and is ranked in 4th place behind Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay. Costa Rica was ranked 5th worldwide as classified by the Environmental Performance index in 2008. Among Latin American countries, Costa Rica is ranked 1st in the index of Tourism Competitiveness and is ranked 42nd worldwide.



We are located west of the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose, in the canton of Santa Ana known as Valle del Sol, famous for its warm climate throughout the year. Parque Valle del Sol has one of the best micro climates in the world, with an average temperature of 23.5 degree C. all of the months of the year and is at an altitude of approximately 900 meters.

We have two main seasons, a dry season from November to April, and our rainy season which begins in May and ends in November, characterized by sunny dry mornings with downpours in the afternoons. During this season, the majority of the nights are clear.

The average annual rainfall in Parque Valle del Sol at Santa Ana during the dry season is 22.5 mm per month and 221mm per month during the rainy season.

Visit the Weather Channel for weather forecast for the central valley and for the rest of the week.



Costa Rica has experienced a rapid growth in its economy, changing from a primarily agricultural one to a service economy.

Taking advantage of its peaceful environment and high level of education of its inhabitants and appropriate policies to attract business, the country began a series of measures in the 90s in the production of materials and micro technology products. In this way, in 1997 we heralded the arrival of the microprocessor producer Intel, and the country has benefited from this additional source of income. Costa Rica is the choice of many multinational companies who have chosen to locate their core services in the country, including Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, Intel, HP, Sykes and Dole. In 2006, the Intel microprocessor plant was responsible for 20% of the total exports and produced 4.9% of the PIB of the country.

At the same time, Costa Rica traditional agricultural exports continue to provide income like banana, coffee, sugar, cocoa and pineapple. Costa Rica high quality coffee is very well received in the American market. However, exports of the nontraditional products, like flowers and mini vegetables, have grown and the service sector has experienced rapid growth in the past years, generating many thousands of jobs.


Political System

Costa Rica has a system of democratic and republican government. The President and two Vice Presidents are elected by a universal secret ballot for a period of four years. They can be reelected only one time more.

Legislative power is exercised by the congress (one chamber). This body is made up of 57 deputies who are elected by universal secret ballot by the system of electoral districts and national list. Legislators also serve for four years. Each province of the country constitutes an electoral district.

Powers of the State

President and chief of state elected for 4 years: Dr.Oscar Arias Sanchez since the 8 of May 2006).

First Vice president: Lic.Laura Chinchilla (since the 8 of May of 2006, resigned on the 8 of October of 2008 in order to start her pre campaign for the presidency of the republic, that she won on the 7 of February 2010), she was replaced by Dr. Rodrigo Arias Sanchez.

Education system

General basic education is compulsory and free. The attendance of primary school is practically 100%, while secondary school only 70%. The literacy rate in the country is 96%. It has five public universities which are: The University of Costa Rica, The National University, the UNED and the Technological Institute of Costa Rica.

On June 4, 2008 President Oscar Arias Sanchez signed into law The Organic Law creating the 5th public university with its campus in the city of Alajuela which was named The National Technology University.

There also exists a National Training Institute responsible for the education of the working class and the disadvantaged, training them in technical areas in order to generate new businesses and the continuations of their studies at advanced levels. These schools are located in San José, Naranjo, San Carlos, Moín, Liberia, Pérez Zeledón and Barranca.

Besides, there are more than 50 universities that have excellent academic standards like Incae, the number one business school in Latin America



General basic education is compulsory and free. The attendance of primary school is practically 100 % while secondary school only 70%. The literacy rate in the country is 96%. It has five public universities which are: The university of Costa Rica,The National university, the UNED andtheTechnoligical Institute of Costa Rica.

On June 4, 2008 President Oscar Arias Sanchez signed into law the organic law creating the 5th public university with its campus in the city of Alajuela which was named The National Technology University.

There also exists a national training institute responsible for training the working class and the disadvantaged,training them in technical areas in order to generate new businesses and the continuations of thier studies at advanced levels. These schools are located in San José, Naranjo, San Carlos, Moín, Liberia, Pérez Zeledón and Barranca.

Besides there are more than 50 universities that have excellent academic standards like Incae, the number one business school in Latin America.



Tourism in Costa Rica is one of the main economic sectors having the most rapid growth in the country and contributing positively to the country's domestic product. In the Competitive Index of Travel and Tourism of 2009, Costa Rica was ranked 42, the highest classification of the countries in Latin America.

A green vision

Ecotourism is extremely popular among foreign tourists, visiting the vast number of national parks and protected areas throughout the country. Costa Rica is a pioneer in ecotourism and is recognized as one of the few intonations destinations with real ecotourism options.

Introduced in 1996 and inspired by a similar program developed in Europe in 1985, the Ecological Blue Flag Program is the largest environmental program in the country and was created with the objective of promoting tourism development, while at the same time, limiting the negative aspects of this activity, through community organization whose end it was to avoid contamination and to protect the health of its visitors. Beaches, communities, schools, protected areas, micro watersheds and companies that develop concrete actions to address climate change are the categories awarded. In 2009, the Ecological Blue Flag program was awarded to 38 communities among which were Parque Valle del Sol, awarded with 2 stars.


In recent years, Costa Rica has been discovered as a great destination for golf. In the central valley near the capital there are 2 eighteen holes course and 3 nine holes courses. On the Pacific coast there are 5 professional 18 holes courses.



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