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Costa Rica Luxury Properties For Sale - Investment or Retirement Properties in Costa Rica



Think of a place where you will live in perfect balance with the environment, imagine that you would have the comfort of a modern life style and you would just be a few steps from a great golf course. A place like this exists; we call it Altos del Golf.

In an area of 5.6 hectares within Parque Valle del Sol are located Altos del Golf Condominiums with 45 lots of more than 800 sq meters each. Conceived as an Eco-Cluster, it offers an exquisite design by Green Plan, a recognized firm in landscape design affiliated with Z├╝rcher Architects. From the portico of the entrance, its inhabitants and visitors will be greeted with stunning floral arbors. Altos del Golf offers ample spaces for relaxation and conviviality, such as parks and trails that run throughout the project.

In Altos del Golf, pleasant scents from the trees and flowers will transform the simple act of breathing into something inexplicable. The view of the golf course is enjoyable and seductive, putting golf at your feet. The exquisite urban design consisting of internal roads and roundabouts with different patterns of cobblestones makes the roads special. The best services for lighting, electricity and telephone services and internet are available to each land owner.

The impact of a sustainable community

From its beginning, Parque Valle del Sol has been an example of a community committed to the conservation of the environment.

At Altos del Golf, the efforts to conserve water are quite evident; in each of the parks and trails there will be installed irrigation systems that will automatically minimize the consumption of water. The irrigation system is fed from the lakes on the golf course and the selection of ornamental plants planted on the parks and trails are mostly summer resistant varieties. In Altos del Golf, green practices like the separation of waste and recycling are mandatory. For the same reason, each lot will have selected areas for the proper treatment of waste during the construction process; each owner will be required to recycle the waste.

To promote environmental awareness, we will have a campaign to promote tree parks and demand that each owner will plant on their land a minimum of 3 trees. At the same time, we will suggest that each home have solar systems to help the environment.

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