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Costa Rica has experienced a rapid growth in its economy, changing from a primarily agricultural one to a service economy.

Taking advantage of its peaceful environment and high level of education of its inhabitants and appropriate policies to attract business, the country began a series of measures in the 90s in the production of materials and micro technology products. In n 1997 we heralded the arrival of the microprocessor producer Intel, and the country has benefited from this additional source of income. Costa Rica is the choice of many multinational companies who decided to establish their central services in the country, including Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, Intel, HP, Sykes and Dole. In 2006, the Intel microprocessor plant was responsible for 20% of the total exports and produced 4.9% of the PIB of the country.

At the same time, Costa Rican traditional agricultural exports continue to provide income like banana, coffee, sugar, cocoa and pineapple. Costa Rica´s high quality coffee is very well received in the American market. However, exports of the nontraditional products, like flowers and mini vegetables, have grown and the service sector has experienced rapid growth in the past years, generating many thousands of jobs.