“This is a place where dreams and reality coexist.  Altos del Golf challenges your senses. “
The impact of a sustainable community

From its beginning, Parque Valle del Sol has been an example of a community committed to the conservation of the environment.

At Altos del Golf, the efforts to conserve water are quite evident. In each park and trail there will be irrigation systems installed, that will automatically minimize the consumption of water. The irrigation system is fed from the lakes on the golf course and the selection of ornamental plants planted on the parks and trails are mostly summer resistant varieties. In Altos del Golf, green practices like the separation of waste and recycling are mandatory. For the same reason, each lot will have selected areas for the proper treatment of waste during the construction process; each owner will be required to recycle the waste.

To promote environmental awareness, we will have a campaign to promote tree parks and suggest each owner to plant on their land a minimum of 3 trees. At the same time, we will suggest that each home have solar systems to help the environment.