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Residential concept

Among the outstanding design concepts of Parque Valle del Sol are:

  • Leader in the application of the concept of “Edge City” in the vast metropolitan area of San Jose. Today, Santa Ana, has transformed it into one of the most valued destinations in the macro region, which has led, in recent years, to the launching and development of various and diverse communities in the zone.
  • The marketing strategy pioneered in Costa Rica emphasized the benefit of a quality life style, because of the different attributes offered in the residential community like: security, grandeur, scenic beauty, excellent weather and tranquility as well as the sports that one could practice in the open air, in addition to the excellent architecture and well constructed residences.
  • Parque Valle del Sol, utilizing sound environmental practices in all areas of its development through the seal of environmental quality, Green Planned Community, is an example of a sustainable community, designed with life in mind, with regards to the earth, the water, nature and the residents and visitors. Parque Valle del Sol not only meets today’s environmental standards but sets the bar for the communities of tomorrow.

Today, Santa Ana, because of its pleasant weather and proximity to San José, is a magnet for commercial and residential developments for luxurious commercial centers and some of the best private schools in the country. Without a doubt, it is one of the most exclusive areas to live in Costa Rica.