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The birth of P.V.S

James O’Dea´s Vision

Mr. O’Dea, of Irish origin, was a civil engineer, who founded in 1952 an engineering and planning company, Goodkind & O’Dea in the United States.  Mr. O’Dea bought the land from the Aguiluz family and through a national bank created Fundos Valle del Sol, and became the first developer of Parque Valle del Sol. In 1975 he prepared plans for a housing complex, a country club, and a golf course to be located at west of the capital of San Jose.

Parque Valle del Sol, a pioneer of progress at west of the capital       

In the late eighties, Vice-minister of foreign trade (1988-1990), President of Cempro and President of the free zones, MBA Edgar Brenes André, accompanied by a delegation of Costa Rican business leaders, travelled to Brazil to promote investment in Costa Rica. On this trip he met a Brazilian leader and wealthy businessman from Rio Grande do Sul, Doctor Pericles de Freitas Druck, President of the Group Habitasul, who welcomed the delegation.

Later, Mr. Brenes proposed to jointly participate in the acquisition of the property which became Parque Valle del Sol, and was purchased in the nineties, becoming the firm “Desarrollos Inmobiliarios Habitasul S.A.”

In 1992 the purchase was made for a residential project with a golf course, housing and recreational areas.